Looking to set the mood this Valentine's Day?  The team at 103.5 KISS FM put together their perfect Valentine's Day playlist for you to download to your phone or cue up on Spotify!

Just click a personality's name to check out and listen to their playlist!

  • Michelle Heart's Playlist

    I'm a sucker for most of the ballads we play on 103.5 KISS FM, but there's also a few artists out there that we don't play who's music is incredibly sexy. I wouldn't be surprised if some of their songs ended up on the next Fifty Shades soundtrack! Check them out on my playlist!

  • Tawsha Box's Playlist

    Tawsha just read a study that said couples that listen to music together tend to get it on more than couples who don't.  Her playlist reflects that! She describes her picks as perfect for those who are single and going on a hot date!

  • Mijo's Playlist

    It's all about the slow jams for Mijo! He loves R&B and that's what his playlist is all about.  You want some good baby makin' music? Check out Mijo's picks.