Here's a quick thanks everyone in the Treasure Valley running during FitOne and especially those St. Luke's Children's Hospital's employees. FitOne is for our family.

I've been staring at my son for the past three hours watching him sleep in a St. Luke's Children's Hospital bed. We've just completed his final procedures to find out the route of his health issues that date back to last Christmas.

I've driven by and stopped to see the kids on several occasions while working at 103.5 Kiss FM in Boise. I never knew that I would be the one visited. I don't think any of us would ever envision spending even one day in a hospital with our children. It's a parent's worst nightmare.

It's a little after midnight as I write this with Paige getting some sleep behind Lennox and me trying to settle out with a few zzzzzzzz's.

We've spent more nights in the hospital as a family than I would have ever imagined. I guess the things you don't think about are the people that run the hospitals themselves. I would go as far to say they're forgotten the heroes. I'm not just talking about doctors, but the anesthesiologist, nurses, down to the people working in the gift shop. Those professionals are coming in contact with people from all walks of life and tragedy that we fear on a daily basis. Those people aren't just name tags.

Fit One is today, and our team is made up of almost 300 people from strollers to runners. We'll be spread out all over the course with friends, family, listeners, and a lot of love.

The money raised goes to the St. Luke's Children's Hospital, the only children's hospital in Idaho. We don't just owe this hospital for saving our son's life, but the list of lives touched over the years goes unnoticed. These people aren't just getting up to go in to work. These men and women live a lifestyle to help us survive. I've often wondered what that pressure must feel like to them.

I've also learned that we are NOT alone. St. Luke's has helped most of our kids in the Treasure Valley and Idaho. The nurses and doctors leave our room to walk into seven more surrounded by seven more crises.

Lennox is doing great, and hopefully, we are going home today. This year we had planned to lead the families out on the course for Fit One on Saturday. We're living proof of why you put on those running shoes today. Maybe you do it for your kids, a next door neighbor, or for yourself. I'd like to say you're doing it for our family this year, and all the rest of these sweet kids on the 4th floor.

These are my friends laying in two rooms away from Lennox this weekend.

Unfortunately, PEDS and PICU are filled with kids of all ages tonight. Your efforts In participating at Fit One goes a lot further than you might think, and we wanted to thank you.

It's an honor to host your drive home on 103.5 Kiss FM in the Treasure Valley each day from 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. I look forward to thanking you myself on-air next week.

This is from our Kiss Team (Cruise & Box) holding up signs that Michelle masterminded per Tawsha Box. It's safe to say I'm luckier than I knew.