Round 2 is the time to decided which mutts get into the Slobberin' Sixteen! Vote for winners in the head-to-head match-ups in each region. Only YOU can decide on the mutts moving into the round of sixteen, also known as our Slobberin' Sixteen! Click on the region name to make your selections:

ASTRO REGION (Click here to vote NOW)

  • Luscious Michaelson vs Miles VanderDog Martinson
  • Nala Maielua Szakacs vs Minion Strate
  • Zoi Wheeler vs Izzy Tomko
  • Squirt Parsons vs Jack Hogue

LASSIE REGION (Click here to vote NOW)

  • Berkeley Mabile vs Rawley Cushing
  • Chewie Goodman vs Bennie Fanopoulos
  • Koa Monster Meyet vs Cooper Twedt
  • Cooper Deeds vs Bocephus O'Harley Leaf

MARMADUKE REGION (Click here to vote NOW)

  • Bella Sanchez vs Buddy Winters
  • Mojo Soto Bakhirev vs Kia Farnsworth
  • Gracie Coe vs Lilly Chatterton
  • Gizmo Knutson vs Paw Paw Stern

SCOOBY DOO REGION (Click here to vote NOW)

  • Charlie Carrington vs Baloo Garlanger
  • Claude Gardner vs Dexter Hoskins
  • Barolo Nodland vs Daisy May Jerrel
  • Shelby McKenzie vs Addison Fletcher