I'm stoked with my 22 pound weight loss thanks to Idaho Fat Loss!  Overall I've made better choices when selecting my food and cut down on snacking, but sometimes I still just feel hungry.  Turns one of these five behaviors may be why!


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    Sleep Deprivation

    Your hormone levels get totally jacked up when you're not sleeping long enough.  That means the ones responsible for regulating your appetite want you to wake up hungry. That's why someone like me who sleeps four or less hours of sleep of night gives in to the siren song of the break room donuts.

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    This is one I'm sure we're all going to be feeling as temperatures soar into the 100s this weekend.  If you're not replenishing your body with H2O or something else to replace what you've lose sweating during your day, your body may think it's hungry.  Do what I do! Grab yourself a 70 calorie Coconut water that's loaded with electrolytes and potassium and calm that tummy down.

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    I've been a wee bit stressed and even a little depressed the last few days and I noticed that my hand was buried deep in a container of Parm Chips from Whole Foods.  Some people turn to food when they're down, others eat when they're stressed.  It's a way of trying to resolve those feelings.

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    I already mentioned that lack of sleep can make your hormones wonky, but poor eating habits can too.  If you're putting crap in your system, you'll get crap out.  In other words if you're routinely eating bad for you foods, they'll actually make you hungrier.

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    Skipping Your Workout

    Gosh, I felt like this the other day! I took an off day because of the high temps outside and a little pain in my foot.  All I wanted to do was sit at my kitchen table and eat while I got some work done that night.  That's because skipping your workout means you're also skipping out on the after effects that those exercise hormones produce.  Normally they'll suppress your hunger so you'll naturally be hungrier if you DON'T workout that day!