It's Friday Eve and Thought Catalog posted a their list of "25 Things Every Girl Has While Getting Ready For A Night Out."  Because part of them deal with raiding your roomie's wardrobe and I have no one's wardrobe to raid...I'm adding my own 5 to the list!

  • 1

    Do I Really Need To Shower?

    I mean, I showered 12 hours ago after my run.  I didn't really sweat doing anything after that.  Plus if I wash my hair right now, there's no way I'm going to have time to curl it...and my hair is so not going to hold a curl if it's clean anyway.  Nope, showering is not worth it.

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  • 2

    I really need supplies for tomorrow...

    I really should run to Walgreens to grab some Gatorade or Coconut Water, because I'm going to hate my life tomorrow if I don't.  If I feed my potential hangover with electrolytes before I go to bed, I may still have a chance of rebounding for Sunday Funday.

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  • 3

    WTF? Nothing fits me.

    Seriously, I just bought a bunch of new clothes.  I tried them on in the store and they looked fine.  Now that I have a reason to get all dressed up, nothing fits...all these outfits squish my boobs.  Oh great, now my room has clothes all over it because I've changed outfits six times.

  • 4

    How the hell am I getting to the pre-funk?

    I mean, I'm good to drive there but I know my friends and there is no way in hell I'm going to be able to drive downtown after our pre-funk.  So, who's gonna be the responsible friend tonight and can I hitch a ride?  Maybe I should just offer to have the pre-funk at my place.

  • 5

    Crap. I just cleaned my place and the pre-funk party is gonna destroy it again.

    Sticky counter tops. Shot glasses everywhere. Well, at least I don't have to worry about the vehicle situation now.  I'll get this mess cleaned up weekend.

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