So you already know that craft beer has become king in the Treasure Valley over the past five years.  With so many brews to try, what's the best way to enjoy a pint?  Here's five unique ways and places to enjoy a beer in the Treasure Valley!

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    Round About Boise

    Hands down one of the most original bikes you’ll see in a community that LOVES their cycling and their beer! The six passenger bike is available for you to rent for bachelorette parties, birthday parties or just a flat out fun excuse to pedal around downtown Boise while you drink. Since the bike is technically a “limo” you can bring your own beer or wine to enjoy while your provided sober captain steers you around town and makes stops at your favorite bars. You also get $1 off pints and half-off growler fills from Grind Modern Burger before you take off. Have a bigger group? This is just one of Boise’s cycle pubs!

    Michelle Heart/TSM Boise
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    Tour De Fat

    Likewe said, Boise loves its bikes and its beer! That’s why we’re home to one of New Belgium’s Tour De Fat events! It’s a day of bikes, beer and bemusement with a bike parade through downtown, the most ridiculous costumes you’ve ever seen, slow ride races and the epic 1,000 person dance contest. Oh, and of course tons of your favorite New Belgium Brews like Fat Tire, La Folie, Hop Tart, Pear Ginger (one of our personal favorites) and Carnie’s Blood.

    Kathryn Scott Osler/Getty Images
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    Boise Brew Bus

    Experiencing Boise’s breweries is so much better when you have a DD to get from building to building, right? The Boise Brew Bus hosts tours for up to 12 people on the 2nd and 3rd Friday of each month and every Saturday. The tour hits three to four breweries for a behind the scenes look at their beers and sampling over a four hour period. Your possible stops include Haff, County Line, Crooked Fence, Edge, Highlands Hollow, PostModern at Grind Modern Burger and Woodland Empire Ale Craft. The best part? Boise Brew Bus will pick up the tab for a flight or pint at your favorite brewery along the way!

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
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    At Whole Foods

    Oh stop rolling your eyes! Yes, the organic grocer has the reputation of being “Whole Paycheck” when it comes to getting your weekly stash of groceries there but the Boise store is unlike any other store in the country. When the store opened, we became the test market for Whole Foods’ “The River Room.” Located on the 2nd floor of the building, The River Room is Whole Food’s in store tap room with over 16 beers and 3 local wines on tap. We’ve discovered some of the most unique and delicious brews in The River Room! Pro-tip? This is a hidden gem since it’s a restaurant too! Rather than having to fill up at the hot bar, The River Room has its own menu and the best fish and chips in the city. They regularly partner with local breweries for tasting events like the Payette brews and brats patio party. Welcome to the best kept brew secret in Boise!

    Michelle Heart/TSM Boise
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    Boise Hot Spot

    Ever have one of those days where you have no patience waiting for a bartender or server to notice you’re alive? You know, those days where all you want is a cold one and you want it NOW! Then have it NOW at the Boise Hot Spot, the Treasure Valley’s only automated craft beer wall. Hidden away inside the Boise Tech Mall, this unique brew destination lets you load up money on an RFID card that you use to start a pour from an automated tap, no bartender needed! That means there’s no need to leave a tip. You can treat yourself to another pour!

    Kathryn Osler/Getty Images