It's finally here ladies!  The date is set, there IS a trailer and Beyonce what???  I think the poster reads, "Mr.Grey Will See You Now."

I wonder how many women just had a hot flash.  The date is set and there's a web page for that!  Let's get right to it:



When:  Valentine's Day 2015





Anastasia Grey: Played by Dakota Johnson who starred in 21 Jump Street, Need For Speed, and The Social Network.



Christian Grey:  Played by Jamie Dornan know for movies like, Mary Antoinette, Shadows of the Sun and Beyond the Rave.


50 Shades of Grey will be impossible to carry over to the big screen.  Let's be honest.  How the hell are you going to react the red room of pain scenes?  This book series has been called, "Mommy Porn".  You can probably figure out why tablets for Amazon have BOOMED over the past few years.  Yea, it's digital, cool and NOBODY knows what you are reading!

It's all about casting.  This book series will be judged on the validity of it's characters.  I remember how many people couldn't stand Kristen Stewart portrayal of Bella in the Twilight Saga.  Fans really took shots at Edward Cullen's character being played by Robert Pattinson for being so passive.

Say what you want and critique it all you can.  Opening weekend should be a record breaker and the movies rating better be "R".  I remember all the drama over the Breaking Dawn honeymoon scene and how they planned on softening the love making.

I would go back and watch the movie, "9 1/2 Weeks" with leading bad ass Mickey Rourke and his innocent co-star Kim Basinger.  Mickey plays that dominating, edgy, scary, sexy and desiring role that Christian Grey will need to have.

Regardless, the fans will come out in limos, carpools and soccer mom vans.  The official trailer comes out this Thursday, but here's an exclusive tease with a female voice that you might recognize.