Barbie Goodman was a U.S. Army combat medic for 8 years before dying from a brain injury. While serving in Afghanistan, Barbie, she rescued a puppy being mistreated by a group of kids. All it took to get them to hand the dog over was a bottle of water in exchange. The pooch, Piggy, is in need of a new home.


Barbie's mother has been caring for the dog but needs to find a new home for Piggy because her daughter's dog doesn't get along with her other pets.

What's Piggy like?

Piggy hobbles because of the injuries she received when she was a puppy and can't walk long distances. "I totally believe she would be the perfect companion for the right person," said Barbie's mother.

More on the story of Barbie's pooch and how to get a hold of the family can be found HERE.