I don't think I can adequately put into words how devastated I am that I missed Saturday's No Pants Party  because a migraine smacked me down.  The weirdest part? The whole time I could've sworn something in my apartment was on fire.

I had my hair curled and my outfit on, when I started smelling something that smelled like an electrical fire somewhere in my apartment.  My cat has a tendency to chew on cords, so I was scared my worst nightmare was coming true and that he finally started a fire.  I started getting super nauseous as I looked around my apartment for the smell.  Next thing I know my arm feels like it's on pins and needles, my tongue felt like it was too big for my mouth and I wasn't able to form complete sentences.  And then the headache started.  I was in the midst of a migraine that just absolutely crumbled my ability to do anything for rest of the night.

I was telling one of my co-workers at Townsquare Media about it today and she said it was so weird that I mentioned smelling the electrical fire because she experienced the same thing before going down with her own migraine.  So I Googled it to see if smelling the fire was really a thing associated with migraines.  Low and behold it is! It's an Aura symptom that comes in the form of an olfactory hallucination (ie you smell a smell that isn't really there.)  Fire's the most common smell migraine sufferers hallucinate, followed by decomposition, citrus and coffee beans.

In the end I'm glad that it was just a migraine headache, but it was maddening trying to track down the fire that didn't exist while I was light headed and nauseous!

If you're a migraine sufferer, what kind of weird symptoms have you experienced?