Making Thanksgiving dinner at your house is an absolute art - if you want it done right. Most of us have only one oven but there are about 10 dishes that need to be cooked at once. This mom created a spreadsheet that will make us all look like rockstars. 

One year, I created a mini recipe book for my Thanksgiving meal. I'm sort of a perfectionist and want all my photos to look pinterest-worthy. Turns out, creating a book doesn't mean the dinner will work out perfectly.


Book or not, when you make candied yams, this can happen:



No longer, my friends. This mom has made a spreadsheet that goes as far as two weeks out. Sorry, I wasn't on it early enough. However, it will still work. Ignore the details on the spreadsheet - just create it to fit your life, obviously. I mean, unless you need to pick up a Sarah, too.

Click the spreadsheet to see the whole thing.


Connell, Tawsha