As we all are dreaming about Christmas and trying so hard to get everything done before Santa comes, it doesn't occur to us that others are planning something so kind. The Counter in Meridian brought a burger bar into the office and put a smile on our holiday stressed faces. 


Our building has several radio stations, numerous support staff members and people we partner with on a daily basis. With everything we have planned 6 months in advance, it's tough to keep up with planning and strategies and our "in the clouds" thinking. We appreciate the people we work with more than we have words for.


We called John at the Counter in Meridian and told him what we wanted to do for the people in our building. He came up with the most fabulous burger bar complete with gluten-free options, vegetarian options, chicken (for non-red meat eaters), salads, sauces and sides. The meal arrived piping hot and the spread was incredible.


Within minutes of The Counter setting up, all you could see were people walking around the building with burgers built so high, a knife and fork was required. The fresh ingredients and variety of options appealed to every person we work with.


The Counter Meridian


And this potato salad? To die for! One woman walked past me and said "I don't normally like potato salad but I really like this" and then walked away. Any other day I would have thought it was a creepy situation, but in this case, I was great with it.


The Counter Meridian


We have to sing their praises and encourage you to check out The Counter Meridian. Plus, the cost to host a burger bar is so reasonable it's ridiculous. This isn't the only time we'll be working with The Counter.


Plus there's this:


Mini Mashup!Come enjoy the Chef's Premium Mini Burger Mashup 7 Days a Week and on Mondays add the Craft Beer Sampler for only $3.

Posted by The Counter Meridian on Sunday, December 13, 2015


I'll be there!


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Thank you, thank you dear friends at The Counter in Meridian!