I'm looking for four guardian angels that helped save me when I had an unexpected medical emergency during my run on Monday afternoon.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary that day.  I came to work, went home about 4 PM, put on my running gear and headed out for my normal 4 mile loop around my neighborhood.  I picked the short loop because my boyfriend was getting off work early that day and we could celebrate one of the "anniversaries" that led to us dating...watching the NCAA National Championship game. What seemed like it was going to be a great run, took a turn for the worse after a mile.

I came to the crosswalk at Parkcenter and Apple and had to stop to wait for the walk signal.  While I was waiting for it to turn, I got really light headed and decided to call it quits just to be safe.  I turned to walk toward my apartment less than a quarter mile away...

...then everything went black.  For some reason, I had Mike Posner's "I Took A Pill In Ibiza" stuck in my head and thought maybe I'd been taking a nap but I heard a voice say "Is she breathing? Are you ok?" I opened my eyes to realize that my face was on the curb on Apple Street and legs were in the road. I reached up to touch my face and was surprised by the blood that soaked into my gloves.

"Did I pass out?"  I did and four Good Samaritans stopped traffic to help me.  They called 911 and got me to the paramedics.

I wasn't with it enough to fully thank them for what they just did for a complete stranger.  So, I'm hoping that this blog post finds its way to them to show them how incredibly grateful I am for their selflessness.

To John who said he worked at one of the hospitals, Nora who handed me the Boise State spirit towel from her car to wipe the blood off my face, Jennie and the older gentleman who's name I didn't catch...you are truly some of the Treasure Valley's finest and I will never forget you.