Another jet may be added to the VIP trip. In the meantime, listen to win your seat! Your jet is waiting. Board one of three chartered jets to Las Vegas Halloween weekend.

Once you depart your private jet at a private airport, we will have black car service waiting to escort you to your awaiting hotel room at The Linq. Like a true VIP, you will be granted access to Omnia Nightclub where Afrojack is performing the night before Halloween. The next day, we will pick you up from The Linq and take you to Sam Boyd Stadium where BSU will play UNLV. Your ticket is included. Close out Halloween night with Calvin Harris who has invited you to his show. We will be sure you have ground transportation everywhere you go. That's how the VIP life works.

Halloween weekend in Las Vegas is the kind of experience people drain their savings for. Don't tell anyone you paid so little - they don't have to know.

If you have a group of friends you'd like to spend the weekend with, get in now and plan to post a massive amount of selfies from your very own jet.


Just for fun, we added up the value of this trip just to see what kind of deal we were offering. Some of the events and experiences aren't available to the public so those values aren't included. The total came to $2,700 per person. That is CERTAINLY not what you will be paying. I mean, who has that kind of money just lying around?

See you in Las Vegas!