Last week, I embarked on a journey to expand my horizon's beyond the OG Pumpkin Spice Latte and find the pumpkin goodness hidden in local Treasure Valley businesses.  This week I didn't have to venture far from the 103.5 KISS FM studio! 

Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

For months we watched construction crews build the "The 951" across the street from us and I was stoked to see a coffee shop move in! For whatever reason, I never had the chance to actually step foot inside the steampunk themed Full Steam Bistro until today at lunchtime.  One look around told me that this wasn't your average coffee shop!

Now, I'll forewarn you if you were hoping for some wicked, creative pumpkin spice creation you'll be disappointed. The only pumpkin spice drink on the menu is a traditional PSL but it's delicious.  One of the complaints you hear the most about the OG PSL is that it's too sweet and artificial tasting.  Full Steam's is the total opposite! It tastes like a caffeinated pumpkin pie and the presentation was awesome. Even though I ordered mine to go, my barista presented it in all it's foam art goodness and served it with a chocolate covered coffee bean.

Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

It paired great with the freshest sandwich I've ever seen prepared.  I ordered the bacon avocado croissant and then watched them cut the fresh avocados and cook the egg in front of us.  This wasn't some pre-packaged breakfast sandwich you'd get somewhere else.

Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

About Full Steam Bistro

Located on the bottom floor of the The 951 building on Parkcenter Boulevard, Full Steam Bistro brings a "Steam Punk" feel to an artistic feeling environment.  In addition to handcrafted espresso drinks, they offer local craft beers, wines (you have to try the peach sangria from Crossings Winery) and a full bistro menu.

Where should I go next?

Know a killer pumpkin latte, mocha or other creation hidden at a local coffee shop? Click HERE to tell me where I need to go next!