Three time Emmy winner and Treasure Valley super star Aaron Paul called us this morning to give us the full details about his scavenger hunt for Triple 9 Premiere tickets! Here's the 411.

Triple 9 won't hit theaters until tomorrow night, but since Aaron's one of the movie's stars he bought out the entire Egyptian Theater for the Treasure Valley to see it before anyone else. We've got our stash of tickets to give away almost every hour today but Aaron's got his own personal tickets he'll be hiding all over Downtown Boise this afternoon.

Want to find him?  He told us that the scavenger hunt will begin sometime around 3:30-4 PM and you'll have until the premiere at 7:30 PM to find your tickets. To play along follow Aaron on Twitter and Instagram.  Here's his handles for both so you're in the know!

Twitter: @aaronpaul_8

Instagram: @glassofwhiskey