I tried adulting this week and I failed miserably.

Confession time.  It might look like I have my ish together when it comes to getting stuff done at the station, making back up plans for broadcasts, etc...but when it comes to taking care of myself like a real 28 year-old adult, I suck at it.  For the past two weeks the contents of my fridge has been a pouch of starkist tuna, one can of beer, orange juice and a spoiled carton of skim milk.  And there's always clothes, shoes, shredded paper (thanks to my cat) all over the floor.  But this week? I finally reached the threshold of how much mess I could handle and decided to adult and learned some valuable lessons.

Towels Take Forever To Dry

My boyfriend is a total neat freak and will start doing chores around my apartment if I'm out for a run or at work on a weekend.  That means the last time I washed my own towels was over a year ago.  I made the mistake of washing every towel I own (with the exception of an Nsync beach towel) at the same time. I thought 60 minutes was a logical amount of time to dry them all so that's what I set the dryer for before I went to bed.  Unfortunately, that wasn't long enough because my towels were still wet when I went to take a shower the next morning. Man was I glad I had that Nsync beach towel... In the end it took running the dryer three times to get them dry.

Look For The Reset Button On Outlets That Aren't Working

If you heard the story I told Chris Cruise about my cat, you know Dakota is a total jerk.  He chewed through an extension cord on Tuesday night, electrocuted himself and caused the outlet in my living room and two in my kitchen to blow out.  I have no idea what I'm doing with the breaker box, so I went to it and turned on and off every breaker.  Didn't fix it so I called maintenance. 3 days later they still hadn't fixed them and I really needed to plug in my Foreman Grill to make dinner. I called the front desk and they asked if I'd pushed the "reset" button on the outlet in my kitchen.  I didn't even realize that outlet had the "reset" button on it but sure enough pushing it made all three outlets work again.  Oops.

They didn't teach me the intricacies of laundry or basic household electric wiring in college, but I sure wish they did! I could've benefited from some basic life skills/adulting courses! What do you wish they had taught you in school? How to do your taxes, how to make a meal that is Ramen Noodles, the basics of handling getting into a car wreck? Post up!