Who was waiting to find out if they were going to "Flee for Free"? Flight 1035 was pre-boarded but who needs to pack for Sin City? Oh, and by the way, this experience has 103.5 KISS FM written all over it because it's not just a simple trip. 

This is proof that when you say "I won't win" you're wrong. Have faith that if you can get through to pre-board or you enter a contest online, that we are looking right at you. We are just as excited for the day we announce a winner. We can not wait to hear your story and tell you that you won!

When we gave away this trip to Las Vegas, we were looking at all of your names who had pre-boarded flight 1035. At that point, it all went into the randomizer. Who would win this trip?

Alissia H!

We wish we could pull an Ellen Degeneres and actually show up where you are but you are all so busy. A phone call will have to do. However, we just have to know what's happening on the other end.


Cruise & Box: Who are you taking with you?

Alissia: I'm taking my boyfriend Matt Coggins.


Cruise & Box: What were you doing when we called you to tell you that you had won?

Alissia: I was actually walking into work and I had gotten to the top of the stairs and I just screamed and everyone in the building was like what the heck and my boss walked up right after me and I told him the story about me winning and his response was "that's awesome, you're late tho" hahaha. In that moment I didn't even care. And I told every single human in that building I won.


Cruise & Box: What else would you like to do?

Alissia:I've never gambled  in my life, so that's a must. Nothing to crazy but I need to feel the rush of losing money in an exciting way.

Also I'd I can't wait to see famous people. like, I'm from idaho. The last famous person I saw was Hilary duff in 2004.


Cruise & Box: Isn't this your golden year? 

Alissia: Yes! My birthday was July 21st.


Alissia will see U2, Sia, Twenty One Pilots, Sam Hunt, OneRepublic, Usher, Britney Spears, Pitbull, Ariana Grande, FloRida, Zedd, Alessia Cara, Troye Sivan, Hailee Steinfeld, Jeremih, Daya, The Chainsmokers, Bryson Tiller, DNCE, Tinashe and more.


What's the more? We can't reveal it all. We'll just say that it can't be a trip that anyone is able to take. Kekeluv called in a couple of favors. Alissia will have access to VIP events and exclusive parties that nobody else has access to (unless you're a big name or the host).

What's next for you?

Hint: Trump wants to build a wall there. We just want to send you to have a good time.