Out of the entire Treasure Valley, just a few of you were chosen to take part in this GRAMMY Ballot contest. If you weren't chosen, you're not out for good. You've still got a chance at some great prizes. 


The GRAMMY Awards are on Monday, February 15th. It's music's biggest night and all of us will play the professional. Who do we think should get 'Record of the Year' and who do we choose as 'Artist of the Year'? We're the ones buying the music and listening to all the songs so we should know, right? Right! On GRAMMY night, we will all follow along with the same ballot sheet and see if we got it right. As a bonus, we'll gift those of you who did well.


Until then, we've got a group of professionals to create. Congratulations to:

  1. Melina Adams
  2. Flora Morris
  3. Jessica Kerr
  4. Raj Kariya
  5. Jinx Tickner
  6. Sabrina Schroeder
  7. Shelly Ouma
  8. Harla Hill
  9. Jocelynn Silva
  10. Melissa Mythen
  11. Lauren Berry
  12. Twana Morin
  13. Laura Butler
  14. Tiffany Nelson
  15. Vicky Courterier
  16. Jennel Daniel
  17. Denaye Kharrl
  18. Val Ruth
  19. Maggie Mallea
  20. Melissa Wolverton
  21. Sara Barth
  22. Chrisandra Morgan
  23. Michelle LaBartunek
  24. Michelle Ellway
  25. Lovely Williams
  26. Katherine Monroe
  27. Corina Diaz
  28. Danielle Manning
  29. Tina Hansford
  30. Cedrica Murillo
  31. Katelyn Porter
  32. Juliette Fisher
  33. Jose Rodriguez
  34. Torivio Rodriquez
  35. Mark Myers

We will hook you all up with the 2016 GRAMMY album. Now it's time to get down to business. I will be sending a special ballot via email. To those who aren't on the list, this is what we will be working with on GRAMMY night.


  • Record of the Year
  • Album of the Year
  • Song of the Year
  • Best New Artist
  • Best Pop Solo Performance
  • Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
  • Best Pop Vocal Album
  • Best Dance Recording
  • Best Contemporary Instrumental Album
  • Best Rock Performance
  • Best Rock Song
  • Best Rock Album
  • Best R&B Performance
  • Best Traditional R&B Performance
  • Best R&B Song
  • Best Urban Contemporary Album
  • Best R&B Album
  • Best Rap Performance
  • Best Rap/Sung Collaboration
  • Best Rap Song
  • Best Rap Album
  • Best Country Solo Performance
  • Best Country Duo/Group Performance
  • Best Country Song
  • Best Country Album
  • Best New Age Album
  • Best Latin Pop Album
  • Best Latin Pop Album
  • Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album
  • Best Tropical Latin Album
  • Best Americana Album
  • Best Spoken Word Album (Includes Poetry, Audio Books & Storytelling)
  • Best Recording Package
  • Best Historical Album

As you can see, we had to throw in a couple of categories that will be a tie-breaker. I mean, "Best Tropical Latin Album"? That's very specific.

The full list of GRAMMY nominations are HERE. I will be posting an official 103.5 KISS FM ballot next week. You will be able to download it as well.

Comment if you'll play along!