We may never know who's going to win the presidential election in November, because according to one group the world ends on Friday, July 29th. 

I think Keke and I have been at 103.5 KISS FM for a total of five armageddons, but this prediction might have a little truth behind it.  End Times Prophecies posted a video on it's YouTube account drawing similarities between several end times Bible passages and something called the polar flip.

NASA confirmed that the polar flip is indeed a real phenomenon in which liquid iron that's shifted over a long period of time will cause the Earth's polls to flip.  It's not an instantaneous reaction but NASA did say intense drifting of the poles is happening now through August 19th.

According to the End Times Prophecies video, that alone is enough to set off red flags that the Apocalypse will happen July 29th.  The video explains the polar flip will cause the stars to race across the sky and the atmosphere will pull along the ground creating a roll cloud/setting off a global earthquake that will crumble mountains and bring Earth to it's demise.

Now, before you freak out too much.  The group behind the video also thought the planet would be hit by a major astroid in May and that President Obama was going to admit to being the Antichrist last month.  So far their 0 for 2 in 2016.

103.5 KISS FM Celebrates Apocalypse Week

But with how much fire destruction we've seen in the Treasure Valley the last few weeks and the impending string of 100+ degree days, we're taking a few precautions just in case the Apocalypse is actually here!

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