In Justin Timberlake's new music video "Can't Stop The Feeling" he's browsing a grocery store with a pineapple in his shopping cart.

Did he just come out as a swinger?

In the swinging community, it's common to leave a pineapple out in the open (on your front porch, in your car, on your mailbox, etc) to signify that you're a swinger. Being that there's a large swinger community in Boise, this isn't some super secret code. It's somewhat widely known.

So is it just a coincidence that JT has a pineapple in his shopping cart in the video? There are a LOT of fruits out there, and they just so happened to randomly choose a pineapple? Seems pretty obvious to me.

Are Justin and his wife Jessica Biel into sharing sexy time with other couples? Do they have an open relationship? Did Justin have any coupons to save money on his produce purchase?

The world may never know...