I'm not usually the first one to tell you "I told you so," but in this case...I told you so! Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were spotted together not once, but TWICE together in Nashville this week.  Do you think it looks like there's some chemistry going on in these pics?

The first time they were spotted, Taylor was talking to a fan outside of a Whole Foods while Calvin was standing next to her listening attentively and carrying the bag of whatever they bought.  And they were wearing matching outfits. Hmmm...

Then, they were spotted again attending a Kenny Chesney concert together. The photos a fan snapped are a bit blurry, but it totally looks like Calvin has his arm around Tay's waist in one of them!

But WAIT! There's also video of them holding hands!

After all the rumors surrounding this pair at the BRIT Awards and the timing of Calvin's most recent break-up, I say something's ON here.  What say you?