Am I a wingman if I'm searching for a total missed connection for Chris Cruise? There's a woman he met at the park while their dogs played and he didn't get her information. Now he's wondering where she is. Rogue's mom, we're looking for you. 




Yep, I really did post that. Chris came in this morning talking about a girl he had met at the park while playing with his dog, Marky. Well, sort of met while at the park.

I'm making it my mission to find this elusive girl. Chris was a gentleman and didn't fawn all over this girl and also didn't ask for her number (or anything else social media wise). Now he's talking about her and he looks like he has hearts for eyes and we don't know where to find this woman.

I told Chris to go back to the park and to keep going back. Very Serendipity-esque. It's so romantic.

If you know this girl... her name could start with a T, let us know. Together we will find Rogue's mom. We all love a good romantic story, don't we?