I've heard that meditation has been the change busy people need. I'm open to trying anything to calm my mind. The first challenge was to figure out how to meditate. This was quite an experience that ended in an epic fail. 

Kekeluv told Michelle and I that we needed to meditate for 60 minutes. To find a quiet place where there are no phones, no interruptions, no nothing.

My life is loud. There's always something going on, hardly ever a moment to get alone time and the place I could find that was quiet was my closet. So there I sat.

I probably should have researched what to do but I thought starting with deep breathing would be a good start.

I'm sitting with my legs crossed, in comfy clothes and take in a deep breath. In through my nose and out through my mouth. I slowly clear thoughts from my mind and feel my body relaxing.

That's all I remember.

I freaking fell asleep! I know there's a state of mind between crazy thoughts and sleep. I went too far.