When it comes to gender predictors, BOY vs. GIRL, do YOU buy the wives tales?!

I am now into my fifth month of pregnancy and past the half-way point! Yay! If you have been following Keke’s “Baby Luv” posts, or tuning into the morning show, you know by now that we decided to forego knowing or revealing the gender until after our baby shower in October! Only a few of our family members KNOW and are keeping the big secret hush-hush until surprising us with a gender reveal! We get to be surprised right along with the rest of you and we can’t wait!

I have been SO fortunate so far with this pregnancy and for the most part, I have felt pretty great! As any expecting mother knows, pregnancy is an exciting, scary, confusing, ‘learn as you go,’ but all in all, MAGICAL time! Pregnancy, again, as any expecting mother knows, also comes with all of the advice and opinions (all welcomed, of course) a person could ever need! For example, most recently I have learned that I MUST be having a girl, just by the way I am carrying the baby! Really?! Wow! How DO you know that?! However, that same day, I was told that just by looking at me, I am FOR SURE having a boy! Now, we all know that there are endless Old Wives Tales readily available to all pregnant mommas, ensuring that based on symptoms, physical appearance, cravings, baby’s heart rate and so much more, that you can determine either way, your baby’s gender! Just today, while reading up on all of these wives tales, I read that when a woman is pregnant, if a toddler shows her attention, her baby will be the opposite sex of said toddler! AMAZING! Question: If I am being shown attention by all nine of my nieces and nephews, this must mean I am carrying multiples, of BOTH genders, right?!

Pregnancy Wives Tales Update: Check these 51 predictions!

Okay, all sarcasm aside, personally, I can’t say that I genuinely buy into any of these gender predictors! I just think that every woman and every pregnancy is so different, gender prediction is essentially 50/50! One thing is for certain, though: Baby Luv IS a tiny, growing, healthy little human, who has got his/her parents on pins and needles! We can’t wait to meet you!

Paige (future momma)

Baby Luv’s gender will be revealed next month! Stay tuned!
















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