Everyone I've ran into today I've reminded to lock the doors of their cars and homes after what happened to my car last night.

Meridian's Deputy Chief of Police, Tracy Basterrechea tells KTVB, it's natural for property crimes and malicious injury to property cases rise around October 31st simply because of the number of people out and about celebrating Halloween.  Many of them are unsupervised juveniles that may be looking for way to snag your valuables and unlocked cars are targets of "easy opportunity."

My dad would constantly remind me of that when I got my first car and I'm usually super diligent about locking my car but last night, I simply forgot to re-lock it after running outside to get a pair of tights out of my trunk.  This morning I woke up to find my trunk popped.  I thought that maybe it hadn't shut all the way when I got my tights out, but that's when I realized my driver's side door was open as well.  I knew someone had gone through my vehicle because the center console was open and all of the receipts that I had in it were thrown all over my front seat.  Luckily there was nothing valuable in my car and I don't think whoever went through it took anything.

My friend Alisha wasn't so lucky.  Her car was stolen from her driveway in Nampa last night and found crashed into a pole near Skyview High School. Facebook friend Booke H. says her car was broken into a few nights ago near The Village at Meridian and one of our bartender friends from Downtown Boise tells us one of her co-workers had his car broken into and everything stolen on Saturday night.

Yes, crime rates in the Treasure Valley are relatively low compared to other places in the country but there are thieves among us.  Be smart and lock your doors!