You knew it was coming!  Heck, they even had a drinking game for President Obama's "State of the Union" address early this week.  This is the one being called the "official" Big Game Drinking Game.  So grab your favorite craft beer (I'm partial to the Payette Pale or McCall Lemon Ginger Hef myself, just a recommendation) and enjoy!

The Rules:

Pre-determine how many of the levels you want to play and please be responsible.  Know your limits and when to stop if your feeling too intoxicated.  Have a DD to get you home from the party if you're not playing at your own house.

Friday Night Lights – Level 1 – Take a drink every time:

  • First Down
  • Interception
  • Passing play greater than 20 yards
  • Running play greater than 10 yards
  • New York skyline shown
  • New Jersey is actually mentioned. Take 5 drinks. (Snooki challenge).
  • Broncos coach, John Fox, is shown on screen with FOX Sports logo simultaneously.
  • Seahawks coach, Pete Carrol, is shown chewing gum.

Saturday Game Day – Level 2 – Take a drink every time:

  • Pass Interference
  • Offsides
  • Touchdown
  • Camera shot of the trophy during the game.
  • Wes Welker catches a ball in the middle of the field.
  • Peyton Manning and “destiny”, “Hall of Fame” is mentioned in the same sentence
  • Peyton and Eli Manning are mentioned
  • The Colts or “neck injury is mentioned” are mentioned
  • Seattle’s 12th Man is mentioned
  • Russell Wilson has to scramble

Any Given Sunday – Level 3 – Take a drink every time:

  • Punt
  • Field Goal
  • Sack
  • A horse is seen (mascot and statue count).
  • Fox pimps a show by showing the celebrity in the crowd or the announcer awkwardly mentions.
  • Someone in your home walks in and asks “who is winning” or “what just happened”.
  • Richard Sherman is mentioned along with “Stanford” or “Compton”.
  • Richard Sherman is mentioned along with any variance of “talks a lot”.
  • Russell Wilson is shown on the sidelines and he is not talking.

Pro Bowl – Level 4 – Take a drink every time:

  • A pass for 35 or more completion
  • Fumble
  • Kick off
  • The weather is mentioned
  • Whenever you hear “Omaha!” at least twice in a row.
  • Someone in the room asks who the National Anthem singer is.
  • Eric Decker or Demaryius Thomas drop a pass
  • Bruno Mars is mentioned.
  • Skittles are seen.

Endorsement Deals – Bonus Commercial Break Game:

  • Car Colors – Everyone in the room picks a color. When a car commercial comes on, who ever picked the color of the car in the commercial doles out 5 drinks to anyone in the room.
  • Celebrity Names – Whoever yells out the correct name of the celebrity in a commercial wins. The person to their direct left, takes 3 drinks. 5 drinks if the celebrity was famous in the 80’s. Movie trailers commercials don’t count.
  • Llama Llama – A llama will appear in a commercial. The last person in the room to stand and yell “llama llama” has to take 3 drinks.
  • Draft Day – Whoever in the room laughs first at the Draft Day trailer loses and must go into the kitchen and get whatever anyone wants to eat or drink.
  • Beer is Good – Whenever a beer commercial appears the first person to yell “Crave Online” doles out 10 drinks in any combo to people in the room.
  • Puppies and Babies – Everyone splits up into two teams – puppies and babies. Count up the number of appearances of either. At the end of the game, the team that had the least amount of appearances has to drink the total number (define a max beforehand).