2016 marks the first year the Afro-Back Student Alliance participated in the Boise State Homecoming Parade and had to do so with a vandalized float.

According to the Idaho Statesman, the small "Black Lives Matter" themed float was vandalized while it sat in the parking garage protecting student floats from rain on Friday night.  Students in the organization hung balloons with names of deceased members of the black community who've become faces of the movement.  The names included Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland and Eric Garner.  Those balloons were popped by the vandals and others with words like unity and justice on them had the paint rubbed off them. The organization's signs were also removed.

Boise State President, Bob Kustra, responded to the vandalism with the following statement on the university's Facebook page:

The club chose to participate in the parade with their incomplete float and will meet to discus what to do next.  They will likely file a police report.