Do you remember all the confusion and hype over the new Boise bike lane change?  The vote today is in favor of...

First, do I turn right on red?  Can I ride in that lane?  Which one is it?  Why did the lanes get smaller?  What's wrong with the way it was?  Just some of the questions asked by the community, but ACHD decided AGAINST the bike lane pilot project.

That means all the paint on the sidewalk and boundaries have to go back.  Ada County Highway Directors didn't see a significant enough change in driving habits to warrant the bike project.

However, don't expect the biking community to pedal away so fast.  Olympic Gold Medalist, Kristen Armstrong, helped boost a biking 'buzz' you could say in the Treasure Valley.  Don't be surprised if this topic doesn't make it's way back in the headlines.  Idahoans love the outdoors and anything to do with bikes.  We even had people on bikes for 175 hours cycling to break the child abuse cycle in April.  We all remember riding our first bicycle.  It's a signature video or photo that is in almost everyone's family archive.

The changes should take a week and begin Sunday night.  You can read more from News Channel 7's Scott Evans in his blog.