If you take a look at Boise High, something about the gymnasium's exterior is a little different this week.

Boise High's mascot has been "the Braves" for decades, but the image of a Native American in a loin cloth yielding a tomahawk will no longer be a symbol of pride for the school's athletic programs.  The image that adorned the gym wall hasn't been an official logo for the school for 25 years.

A Boise School District spokesman told KTVB that they feel any of the Boise High logos they currently use represent "the Braves" with more respect and dignity toward Native Americans.  Boise high alum and State Senator, Cherie Buckner-Webb, agreed that the old logo has been offensive for a long time.

Students seem split over the decision to remove the painting. The Native American head was also removed from athletic jerseys and spirit gear last year.  More recent logos represent "the Braves" with an arrowhead.

If you're unfamiliar with the old logo, Channel 2 shared these photos of it on Twitter.