According to multiple news outlets, Boise Police have arrested 33-year-old Don D. Williams for his involvement in two separate sexual assault cases in Boise.

The first happened on the greenbelt near Boise Sate's library last summer.  The victim told police the man originally stopped her to ask for directions and was suggestive and he touched her inappropriately before cornering her into a stairwell.  The confrontation continued while he pushed her head into the wall but she was able to struggle free and went to the BPD substation on campus.

In January of this year, a similar situation happened when the suspect followed a teen girl to her car as she was leaving work.  He pushed her against the vehicle and touched her in appropriately before she was able to struggle free and drive away.

Boise Police are currently seeking any other women that may have had a similar encounter with the suspect.  They're encouraged to reach out through Ada County Dispatch or Crime Stoppers.