Did you win your tickets to the Boise Music Festival yet? If you're planning on skipping the contests and making sure you get a lock on your passes, beware. Tickets are going up this weekend! Find out when.

BMF duo (Jason Derulo/Andy Grammer) hang out at BMI awards.

Boise Music Festival is approaching quick and those $20 dollar general admission prices are about to take a hike. I'm not sure if this is the last spike in prices, but I have been told that Sunday tickets go UP. There are so many shows out and I don't expect they would go up over $30 dollars, but that's still discounted compared to other shows.

We'll keep you posted on ticket prices, but you can get more details below on all sections at BMF.




Early Bird GA ticket $20

Early Bird COOL ZONE $75

Left PIT PASS $100

Right PIT PASS $100

Who is going to be at Boise Music Festival? Nelly, Daughtry, Andy Grammer, Coolio and more. Get more at www.boisemusicfestival.com