Boise State is celebrating their 30th year on the world famous blue turf, but according to Sports Illustrated "The Blue" is no longer the best college football field design in the country.

Sports Illustrated's Andrew Vailliencourt ranked the Top 25 coolest field designs in the country and I'm surprised that THE ORIGINAL blue turf wasn't #1 on the list!

Now Vaillencourt did give Boise State credit for a design that's so great that it makes him want to cheer for the Broncos simply so he could watch a game on the phenomenal blue turf at Albertsons Stadium but he ranked them at #2 behind one of the stadiums most college football teams aspire to play a bowl game in. The Rose Bowl, with it's iconic giant rose painted midfield, took the #1 spot this year.

But you know what surprised me the most?! The number of "wannabe Blues" on this list!  It's no secret that anyone who wants to put in colored turf must get permission from Boise State first, so I'm shocked that there were so many other non tradition fields on the list! Take a look!

#22 Coastal Carolina

#10 Eastern Washington

#9 Central Arkansas

#8 Eastern Michigan