Boise State is sending a record six athletes to the summer Olympic games in Rio. Our great city has become so diverse that the athletes will be representing different countries and honoring Boise State University. 

Sports to watch in order to see the Boise State athletes:

  • Golf: Graham Delaet representing Canada.
  • Gymnastics: Courtney McGregor representing New Zealand.
  • Gymnastics: Isabella Amado representing Panama.
  • Wrestling: George Ivanov representing Bulgaria.
  • Decathlon: Kurt Felix representing Grenada.
  • 400 Hurdles: Jordin Andrade representing Cape Verde.

The Idaho Statesman gives a more personal look at each individual athlete, the time to watch their competition and a little bit about their family and how they are connected to Boise.

Seeing these six athletes represent their country but have a tie to Boise State makes me feel such a great sense of pride. Here are six more reasons to watch the Olympics.