The Broncos may have had a down season in 2015, but they still take the top rank in a new study by SB Nation!

College football blogger Ross Benes looked into the adage that college football teams can actually "buy" their success.  Take Ohio State and Alabama for example.  They spend a lot of money on coaches like Urban Meyer and Nick Saban.  Both teams have had great success over the past nine years, but what was the return on their investments? According to the infographic Benes put together, the teams still underperformed based on how much they spent on the football program.

He used data from the US Department of Education to see how much each school spent on their pigskin program and their Massey composite score to make the graphic.  If you don't know, the Massey composite is a score of averages from rankings like the AP Poll and computer ratings.

In the end, the success the Broncos found under Coach Pete and Coach Harsin out performed how much the school spends on football by 62.7 points.  This makes them the most efficient team per dollar in the nation!

Want to check out how rivals like BYU and the Huskies stack up? Click HERE to see the complete data table!