#BecauseBoise is a running joke in our office and group of friends.  Why?  Because it seems like there's less than six degrees of separation between everyone that lives in the Treasure Valley! 

And in the case of the Patchin family of Meridian, that's what brought their lost digital camera home to the United States.  According to the Idaho Statesman, the family lost their camera in Ireland when they forgot they'd set it on the roof of their rental car.  They road they were driving to the Cliffs of Moher was narrow and bordered by tall grass, so Colby Patchin figured it wasn't a good idea to pull over and go looking for the camera.

They reported it missing at a visitor center, but didn't really expect to hear anything back from Ireland.  So imagine how surprised they were when their faces popped up on Facebook! A woman backpacking in Ireland stumbled across the camera and uploaded a photo of the Patchins and their daughter to the social network.

Colby was wearing a Boise State hat in the photo and tagged the Boise State Broncos in it.  That #BecauseBoise magic began to work! As Bronco fans started to see the image pop up in their newsfeed, the family received texts letting the family know someone was looking for them!

The woman plans on sending them all the images from their camera before mailing it back, just in case it or the memory card gets damaged on it's way back to the States!