This isn't Oregon, Washington or Colorado, but Boise is holding it's first ever Hemp Fest this weekend.

According to Channel 2, Hemp Fest 2016 is a free (and family friendly) festival to educate the public about the uses of the cannabis plant.  That includes marijuana as a drug and medical uses of the plant.

One thing the organizers hope to make the community understand that hemp and marijuana are radically different in their level of THC, the checmical that makes you high.  You can't get high off of hemp and it's often used to create ropes/twine, bags, chew toys for pets and craft supplies.

The event happens just days after the federal government said that the cannibis plant's medical value still hasn't been scientifically proven.

Hemp Fest 2016's organizers would like to see marijuana become legal in Idaho like its neighboring states, but don't want their attendees to break the law.  Do NOT bring any pot to Julia Davis Park during the event.  It runs on Saturday from 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.  There will be speakers, live music and more for the family.