A couple months ago, I told Keke about these "snuggle houses" popping up across the country.  Yes...you read that right.  "Snuggle Houses" where you pay a fee to more or less spoon with a complete stranger for a set amount of time.  Why would you want to do that? The managers behind "snuggle houses" in other parts of the country sat that the concept is healing since serotonin, ocytocin and other chemicals that make us calm and happy are released when we engage in touch with another person.  They go on to explain that snuggling also releases cortisol, a stress hormone, that leans to weight gain and suppresses the immune system when people are stressed.  It can also lead to lower blood pressure and heart rate making it appear that humans need touch to thrive.

So why am I telling you all of this?  From the ad I found on Craigslist, it appears that there is a "Snuggle House" in Boise!  According to a profile on Manta.com "Cuddle Time" is located at 5600 N Cobbler Lane in Boise and can be contacted via phone (315-3264) or e-mail at cuddlingtime@gmail.com.

Scroll down to check out the ad and a story about a Snuggle House in Wisconsin that almost didn't get off the ground because the city thought it could've been a brothel.

If it's been a while...would you pay to cuddle with a complete stranger?