Parents are outraged over this t-shirt being sold at a boutique that targets tweens and teens, but are afraid to complain to the store because they're scared of Mafia retaliation.

Parents are upset over the double entendre the t-shirt suggests and even go as far as saying the stingers on the bees look like nipples.  The mom interviewed in a New York Post article admits she's afraid to go protest in person at the store because the owner, the sister of "Big Ang" Raiola became a reality sensation on Mob Wives.  She fears that Big Ang or someone connected to the mafia would come after her for protesting.

Originally, the owner insisted the t-shirt wasn't supposed to be a play on words and was merely Halloween branding for the BEEtween Boutique.  However, since the controversy began she's decided to donate 10% of the proceeds from the shirt to the Breast Cancer Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness month.