The Pancake House has long been the destination for breakfast for McCall tourists, but they could be getting a new competitor! 

Did you known McCall had a city ordinance that said no more than 10% of the restaurants in city limits could be what they considered "formula" restaurants?  According to the Idaho Statesman, they already had five: Moxie Java, Chapala Mexican Restaurant, Stax, Subway and KB's Burritos. That meant there was no room for another "formula" restaurant unless seven more local, one location restaurants were also opening in the resort town. It's meant to help McCall keep it's local charm.

That's why The Griddle, who has locations in my southeast Boise neighborhood, Meridian, Eagle and Winnemucca had been blocked from opening a McCall location. The owners of The Griddle, consider themselves to be "mom and pops."  The same family has owned the restaurants since 1960 and most of the recipes (including "Dad's Hotcakes" and "Rosie's French Toast") have been in the family for decades.  That's why it's been such a surprise that McCall turned a cold shoulder on the popular Ada County based restaurants.

But it seems that all of that is changing! McCall recently changed their ordinance to apply to only restaurants having five or more locations. That means if The Griddle would like to move forward with opening a location in McCall's Alpine Village, they may do so.

The Griddle would most likely be The Pancake's House biggest competitor in McCall and I've got to be honest, it's a tough choice for me to make! EVERY time I've been to McCall, I've eaten breakfast at The Pancake House, but here in the Treasure Valley, The Griddle is my go to breakfast spot!  Where would you pick to eat in McCall?