Today went from sleeping alarms going off, to intruder bells sounding.  Man hunts across the Treasure Valley had residents in panic from Nampa to Boise.  Two suspects are still at large in Nampa and one is behind bars thanks to residents who fought back.  Great story and updated details here.Earlier we reported the following:

I was checking status on the Nampa burglar that was scared off by the elderly woman and saw this bulletin on KTVB New Channel 7.

"Suspect rams Ada County Patrol Car with stolen vehicle."


The part that really caught my attention was MAPLE GROVE ROAD and 5 MILE.  If you see this man first call 911 or 377-6790.

Law enforcement are getting together with neighborhood residents to keep everyone safe according to authorities.  I live out there and that caught my attention.  I'm heading home and wanted to make a quick post.  I've listed the story and link for more information below. Scott Davis has been listed at the suspect.

Suspect rams Ada County Patrol Car with stolen vehicle

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UPDATE 9:21PM - SUSPECT IN CUSTODY.  Expect to hear about this on 7's Heroes.  A homeowner caught Davis in his garage and detained him until police arrived.  Authorities had to use tasers in order to control and take him into custody.  Nobody was hurt and the community, the media and authorities worked together for a happy ending.  This COULD have turned out bad.  Find out more at

UPDATE 9:45PM - NAMPA BURGLARS still at large after scary break in that ended with guns drawn and alarms sounding.  Here's the latest news report from Channel 7.  Kekeluv in the Morning will have full details at 5am, Wednesday morning, live from the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.