Ever hear of a Mamava before?  It's a new fixture at the Boise airport and some moms are sad that there's a need for it.

According to Channel 6, the new breastfeeding pod called Mamava was recently installed just beyond the TSA Security gates.  It's something that the FAA is making mandatory for large airports, but BOI is small enough that they don't have to have it.  An airport spokesman told Channel 6 that it's just an added amenity for new moms and they've received plenty of positive comments about Mamava. It looks similar to the one in this tweet.

However, some moms are sad that there is a need for it.  Idaho is currently the only state that doesn't have a law about a mom's right to breast feed in public or private.  In fact, if a mom who is breastfeeding in the open is asked to leave, she can be charged with trespassing in the Gem State.

Kori, a mom involved with the Idaho Breastfeeding Law Coalition, explained to Channel 6 that many moms get sent to the bathroom.  She wouldn't eat lunch in bathroom and her child shouldn't have to either.

While she applauds more businesses, like BOI, that are trying to provide clean, private places for breastfeeding she would rather see a law get passed that will protect moms and make it as easy as possible for moms to breastfeed in a supportive environment.