When you said "yes" to your fiance's proposal and started the search for THE dress, did you ever think it'd come from the United States government? Don't knock it until you try it! They're having a Down The Aisle Extravaganza with your chance to get your wedding gown for as low as $46!

If you're scratching your head going "You mean the same United States government that takes my money for taxes?" I get it, but this is kind of a cool thing not many people know about!  The Government General Services Administration auctions off their surplus pretty regularly and have found themselves with a ton of wedding dresses, veils, tuxedos and more.  The US Marshals seized everything in an Alaska bridal shop after the owner was arrested for drug trafficking and it was all put up for auction.

Since not many people know about it most of the items have 0 bids on them and the auction still has about 10 days left on them.  You bid just like eBay and they ship to your house!  If you're a bride on a budget this may be the deal you've been looking for! To say "yes" to one of these government dresses just click HERE!