In 2007, Boise State took on the Oklahoma Sooners in in Phoenix, Arizona. It was Boise State's first BCS Bowl Game, the energy here in Boise was off the charts, and despite being an underdog-- the Broncos left victorious.

At the time, my cousin was playing football for Boise State, so family tickets were free. All that my grandpa and I had to do was get down to Phoenix.  We drove.  It was long, took forever, but the parade of vehicles with Boise State flags in their windows was a really awesome sight. We got into that huge stadium where the Arizona Cardinals play and the colors were literally split. Half of the stadium blue and orange, the other red and white.

We met a lot of Sooners fans while in Phoenix and there's one thing that all of them told us that, as a "small-school" made us really happy. "Your fans are the LOUDEST team we've played!"

Oklahoma plays all the big teams...for them to tell us Boise is LOUD was a huge compliment.

The opposite seems to be the trend, now.  Ticket sales to the Cactus Bowl are struggling. Online, one can find these for less than $10 and still aren't selling.  According to the Idaho Press Tribune, over 2,000 tickets have been given out, but BSU and the Mountain West Conference are on the hook for the remaining $6,000 if they go unsold.  Boise State needs to reach that threshold of ticket sales so that they don't end up cutting into their bowl game budget.

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