Imagine taking a hike on the trails near Bogus Basin and stumbling across a smiling man and his mule offering you free trail-side coffee.  It's happening in the Boise Foothills!

You may have seen Matt Bishop and his mule Richard in the Idaho Statesman last week.  They introduced you to Bishop, a former Marine and Army captain, who moved to Boise when his wife decided to attend ISU-Meridian for physician assistant school. He fell in love with the foothills when the family started going hiking on the trails together and it eventually led him to create Cafe Mule.  He'll load Richard up with pour over coffee, a camping stove, cream and sugar and head into the foothills to set up shop!

Bishop eventually wants to sell his coffee to hikers, bikers and runners, but is currently trying to get approval to do so through the five agencies that control the Ridge to Rivers trail system.  Until then, he's doing #73forFree as a non-commerical recreational activity.  Each time Matt and Richard hit the trails, they'll serve up 73 free coffees somewhere in the Boise National Forest. Once they hit 73 coffees served, they pack up and head home until the next time. Cafe Mule posts their next coffee service location on their website. He's also encouraging people that stop for a cup to share their photos on social media using #richardthemule

Think it's too good to be true? Some of my friends from Team Run Boise went for a run up at Bogus this weekend and sure enough, ran into Matt and Richard! These are the photos they sent me!