If you watched any of Keeping Up With The Kardashians you know that Bruce Jenner was an avid golfer.  Caitlyn Jenner, although welcome with open arms at Sherwood Country Club, will face very different treatment.

Sherwood is super ritzy and will run members anywhere between $150,000 and $300,000 in initiation fees alone.  The club segregates females, including Caitlyn, from enjoying certain perks of male members.  The male only locker room has a male only bar and grill area, while the locker room has a much smaller, scaled down eating area.  The club plans to enforce the rules regardless of Bruce's former standing in the club, however they'll welcome an appeal from Caitlyn when they reopen after renovations this December.  As it stands now, Caitlyn won't be able to enjoy a drink with her oldest golf buddies from the club.

Quite frankly, I think the board at Sherwood needs a little talking to about the meaning of "gender equality."  Women enjoy bars and grills just as much as men and shouldn't be restricted to a smaller restaurant than the men.  BUT...I will say I side with the country club on their decision to treat Caitlyn as the woman she identifies as. In fact, local teen D.W. Trantham would LOVE to be able to use the girl's locker room at South Junior High, but instead had to deal with classmates being pulled out of school simply because the school gave her to the right to use the ladies room.

Given Bruce's longstanding relationship with the club, which facilities do you think Caitlyn should have to use?