We know Chris Cruise and Tawsha Box's son, Colton were doing good deeds by helping shovel snow during this week's storm, but the Caldwell Police Department took it to a whole new level!

According to Channel 2, Caldwell Police were performing a routine arrest of an 18 year-old girl when they began talking to her 82 year-old grandfather.  On top of his granddaughter being arrested, the man's wife passed away just two days prior. When the officers heard how lonely the man was they decided they needed to do something to brighten his day and radioed another officer to come to the home.  They shoveled the man's driveway for him.

From there, the patrol team decided their job for the evening wasn't done yet.  They all went home, grabbed their shovels and started shoveling any snow covered driveway they could find. In light of all the negative stories about police forces, they hope that their good deeds show the community just the tip of the iceberg of the good things they do for the community that often go unnoticed.

Well done Caldwell Police Department! THANK YOU for everything you do to keep our community safe!