We never really need a reason to call mom to say we love her, but this Mother's Day make sure you give mom a shout to let her know how appreciated she is.

I've been beyond blessed to have my mom in my life. She's an extremely selfless, caring, patient and sweet person. Through my gothic phase, my "I'm going to play my guitar as loud as possible in my room" phase, my awkward "This girl broke up with me and my life is over" phase, mom was always ready to talk to me and help me straighten things out.

Every single time I've ever hugged someone, or asked them how they're doing, or gone out of my way to help someone, it is 100% because of the way I was raised.

Working in radio means being away from family for months on end. I am however thankful that I can still pick up the phone and call mom anytime and chat about everything or nothing.

I love ya mom. Thanks for dealing with me.