Atlantic recording artist Charlie Puth sends quick congratulatory video message to Kekeluv regarding his engagement to longtime girlfriend, Paige.  Watch the video here.

ABC via Getty Images

Charlie Puth was discovered on Youtube like a lot of artists today, but with a different outcome.  Charlie scored a #1 song with Wiz Khalifa for the title song, "See You Again" from Fast and the Furious 7.  "See You Again" was #1 for 12 weeks and tied Eminem's "Lose Yourself" from his movie debut in 8 Mile.

He's currently racing the charts chasing Adele closing in on top 10 with his next sing, "One Call Away."  There's no doubt our friend is busy!  Charlie still had time to check in with us and send a message on the way to the Grammys.  Watch the video below and if you're reading this Charlie, thanks again playa!