Chris Brown's got enough problems as it is, why add getting back together with your ex-girlfriend only after you find out Rihanna is dating Drake to the list?  Before Chris is transported from LA to Washington DC via Con Air with some new US Marshal friends, he found some time to call his on again/off again girlfriend Karrueche Tran with a special message.  Does this mean they're back together?

In this video Karrueche posted on Instagram video, you hear Chris Brown taking advantage to market himself during the one hour a day he's out of solitary confinement, but it's the end of the message that makes you go...wait, what?!  Check it out and then tell me if you think this means Karrueche took him back even after she found out about texts Chris sent to other girls and him getting get kicked out of rehab for touching women at the facility inappropriately.