A girl just started on Tinder - her profile is up and complete - but she has no idea what the "rules" are.  Who is on Tinder more than Chris Cruise? I asked him for answers. 


Tinder isn't something you just automatically understand. There are tips and tricks and things that work better than others. I think Tinder is a hook up app. Chris disagrees but says that IF someone is on there for anything other than looking for a long-term, committed relationship, they will add "casual" to their profile.



Chris hasn't had the most success (none) but he's giving advice to the newbies on Tinder. Here goes...


New Girl on Tinder: How long should I wait to message someone?

Chris Cruise: You don't have to wait. Do it if you're bored, do it immediately, do it whenever. It just depends on how you feel about the person.

New Girl on Tinder: Why do I get a match but then they go MIA?

Chris Cruise: It happens when they don't message you back or you don't reply or communicate for awhile.

New Girl on Tinder: How should I phrase it if I just want to hook up?

Chris Cruise: Use the word "casual" in your profile or say "I'm not here for anything serious."

New Girl on Tinder: Do I look desperate if I message them back in less than 5 minutes?

Chris Cruise: No it doesn't. Guys prefer it. Don't play games.

New Girl on Tinder: How long should I be messaging people before we meet up?

Chris Cruise: Get their phone number and talk via text to get to know them better. After that, plan a time to meet up. Don't just go from Tinder to meeting.

New Girl on Tinder: How much longer should I give this Tinder thing?

Chris Cruise: Keep going until you meet someone or you get bored.